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We're thrilled about the prospect of joining you in early 2024! Our hearts resonate with the mission of "disciples making disciples for God's glory." Our commitment revolves around planting gospel-centered churches, multiplying His Kingdom, and sharing the life-transforming message of Christ.

A bit about us: I come from Aurora, Illinois, and Dora hails from Nairobi, Kenya. Our paths crossed at Williams Baptist University, where our shared journey began. After graduating, I had the privilege of serving as a pastor at First Southern Baptist Church of Black Rock, Arkansas, for a couple of years. In 2019, we made the move to Kansas City, where I embarked on my studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and also took on the role of a Pastoral Intern at Mill Creek Community Church. It was during this time that we received the calling to plant a church in the KC Metro area!

We firmly believe that God has appointed the precise time and place for us to live, work, and engage in His mission (Acts 17:26). By wisely stewarding our resources and nurturing healthy, gospel-centered churches, we can extend the reach of the gospel. Our goal is to multiply the Kingdom by planting these churches, empowering people to continue the important work of making God known and cherished in cities and communities far and wide.

But how do we accomplish this mission? We do it by training and commissioning church planters, forging partnerships with existing churches, and generously contributing our best efforts for the sake of the Kingdom.

We are genuinely excited about the journey ahead and the impact we can make together in Gardner. If you have any questions, want to get involved, or simply want to connect, please reach out. Let's work hand in hand to further God's Kingdom and make Him known in our community!

Warm regards,

Jonathan and Dora Drendel

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who we are
    Our DNA is our main values and beliefs Bible-Centered: At Sojourn Church, we are deeply committed to reading and studying the Scriptures. We believe that the Bible is the inspired and authoritative Word of God, guiding our beliefs, practices, and decisions. Gospel-Driven: Our core belief centers around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We emphasize that our ultimate home is in heaven, and our earthly lives are an opportunity to live out and share the good news of salvation through Jesus. Community-Focused: Located in Gardner, KS, we gather each Sunday to worship together as a close-knit community. We also place great importance on observing baptism and communion as essential elements of our faith. Missional Outlook: Sojourn Church is dedicated to both local and global missions. We actively love and serve our local community, extend our care to neighboring communities, and engage in international missions to reach communities far away from our own. Elder-Led: As prescribed in the Bible, our church is led by a group of Elders who provide spiritual guidance, leadership, and oversight in accordance with biblical principles. Our Affiliation is our history and our current connections Mill Creek Community Church: We have a close connection with Mill Creek Community Church, which planted Sojourn Church. This relationship is a testament to our heritage and shared vision for spreading the Gospel in our community. Southern Baptist Convention (SBC): Sojourn Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. This affiliation connects us with a larger network of churches and allows us to participate in various missions and ministries supported by the SBC. Send Network: As a church with a heart for planting new churches and expanding God's Kingdom, we are part of the Send Network, a church planting network that equips and supports church planters in their mission to establish vibrant, Gospel-centered churches. Passion for Planting: We also partner with Passion for Planting, another planting network that provides valuable resources, training, and support for church planting initiatives, further enabling us to extend our reach and impact.
  • Where we are
    Sojourn Church is located in the Gardner Grange Hall, a central part of the Johnson County Fairgrounds, providing a convenient and accessible gathering place for our community.
  • What we do
    What does a "worship service" mean? At Sojourn Church, we gather for worship, immersing ourselves in the transformative power of God's Word. Our worship services include passionate preaching, heartfelt reading, and uplifting singing of Scripture. Additionally, we observe an ordinance every Sunday, alternating between Communion and Baptism, as a tangible expression of our faith and unity in Christ. What do I wear? We believe that God is more interested in your heart than your attire. Feel free to dress comfortably and come as you are. Whether you prefer casual shirts, dress shirts, casual pants, or dress pants, you're welcome to worship with us in a manner that suits your personal style. Ties, bow ties, or any attire you choose are appropriate because, at Sojourn, we value genuine worship over dress codes. What do I do with my kids? Sojourn Kids provides a welcoming environment for children ages newborn through 4 years old every Sunday morning during our Worship Service at Grange Hall. While younger children engage in enriching activities tailored to their age group, we encourage kids five years old and above to join their parents in the Worship Service on Sunday mornings. We aim to nurture the faith of our youngest members and create a meaningful experience for the entire family.
  • How to get involved
    1. Join Our Team Ready to join our team and help make Sojourn Church happen every Sunday? Sign up here for short-term or long-term opportunities. 2. Support Our Mission To contribute to our mission and ministry, please consider donating. See ways to support Sojourn below to make a meaningful impact. Thank you for your support!
  • Any other questions?
    If you've still got questions that weren't answered in the FAQ above, don't hesitate to drop us a line through our contact form. We're here to help, so feel free to reach out!

Ways to Support Sojourn

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